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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 28, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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monitor traffic. >> we're expecting a big crowd and there is a big crowd here right now. let me walk you around just a little bit. you can see several thousand people here in justin herman plaza. there is built, boy say half an hour to double what it was at 5:30 and now, at 6:00 boy say at least 3,000 riders here. you possibly have a id better idea by looking at sky 7. we've been talking about what they have seen over 20 years and what changes they would like to see. >> this would be nice if there are drivers that could communicate together on another level. this doesn't feel like we're reaching each other this way. >> this is riders have rights.
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>> used to be going through an intersection and cars been waiting three three red lights and get angry and try to run someone over. but you don't see that much anymore that. is a good change. >> there is. >> i don't think there is violence and construction but i haven't heard that have happening over a year. >> there is another change we've heard is that when they would like to get rid of the circle when they ride in a circle before moving on. people are telling me that makes drivers angry and doesn't bring the message get out of the car and ride a bike. join us.
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so most people here hoping it's peaceful and believing it will be. >> and there is one potential choke point the entrance at first and harrison. nick, looks like no trouble so far. >> there is no trouble and if you look you can see there are precautions in place. patrol has staked out a position right here and there are a couple people that are trying to make an illegal right turn and they've reminded them if they do that turn they will be sighted and there is traffic police positioned themselves over on first as well, par for course for a friday afternoon commuter traffic of they want
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to keep things moving and flowing and there is altered signals and it seems to me everyone is just trying to keep things flowing and moving fchl anything changes we'll let you know. and there is all clear at first and harrison. >> team coverage continues now there is a driver's eye view of the situation and we're traching her movement. and there is cheera coming to us through our cell 7. are you on battery now? >> i'm on market street and we're at just next to justin herman plaza anticipating the beginnings of the bicyclists heading down market street. we've seen a steady stream.
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we're going to enter to see how a person can commute through san francisco. i'm on the waze app. we'll keep you posted on a peaceful night expected and of course, you never know. >> thank you very much and interesting to follow her progress and she'll keep us updated. sky 7 hd can't fly over the city because fog too thick. so we'll get you live pictures if it can ni there is a tracking street by street and again, using abc 7 waze app. and this is a free app.
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you can down load it free so now there are clear on the embark dareo there is a jam up, normal approaches to the trae and you can see 80 and 101 just jammed here there is so far we've been saying it's normal friday get away traffic and there is harrison and first around mosconi center. there is no significant problems with critical mass at this point. this free and once again, a live shot is 101 and 80 it's bumper to bumper at this time less than 10 miles per hour. >> and if you haven't done so,
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now might be a good time to down load waze app. >> here is a look at what is coming up. fleet week and hardly strictly blue grass festival. >> there is a astro street fair, a possible giants prayoff game and 49ers on sunday. and there is waze can down load you around the construction. >> and moving on a shoplifting suspect has taken her son from a home and made suicidal statements. police tell us 38-year-old marcy keelan took her baby and they believe she's now gone to reno. she has a warrant out for arrest connecting to a shoplifting incident. she and her 10-year-old daughter tried to shop lift groceries but keelan sped off after seeing employee as approaching the daughter and she left her daughter behind.
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she's driving a green ford expedition with wyoming plates. >> and there is an investigation into a freak traffic accident that sent six people to the hospital. police say a city public works vehicle collide wand suv and this is around 10:00 this morning. the vehicle jumped the curve, hit two pedestrians one shattered a glass door of a coffee shop. two people in the vehicles were also injured and this shop and two buildings were damaged. >> investigators have found in fault with a driver of an suv who collided with a girl riding a bike in novato that. crash killed a 12-year-old riding her bike home from school when struck. a collection of flowers and cards isboroing on novato boulevard where this happened yesterday. many say it's a dangerous road and they're calling to make it safer. the speed limit is 45 miles per hour and that is open road
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and change was out warning. her aunt stopped by, describing her niece as a perfect daughter. >> so much going for her, she cared about people. and' very loving and caring person. >> she and her family just moved to novato from new mexico she was a seventh grader and the school called in grief counselors. >> there is a lack of shipments from the federal government is leaving food bank was empty shelfs and happening just as demand is high. there is laur athan krony live tochl plain why usda isn't sending food. >> there is not any good answers officials think it has to do with drought in the mid west and the bottom line this
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bad food bank and another hasn't receive anything since mid july. >> there is the food bank had to go without deliveries of crucial items. and the reason u.s. department of agriculture hasn't delivered surplus to oakland for two months. >> there is no shipment since end of july. >> the food bank would normally have a million pounds of usda food on shelves and now, they're down to about half of that. and this is a same story in food bank of contra costa and solano. it's not clear if food is being diverted or just not available due to drought in the mid west. there is reality just as
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demand for food remains high. >> families find themselves turning to the food bank. >> so this is need growing and the majority of which children. >> both are asking to organize a food drive and make donations. >> we can turn every dollar that is given into $4 worth of food. we can help out and lend a voice. and there is a lot that can be done. >> and it's unclear when the shipments mitt resume f the public wants more information
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that information can be found on our web site. >> and we'll be keeping watch on the democrat yigs straigs. the anniversary ride through streets getting trod leave justin herman plaza. we'll follow them as they go. >> there is steamy weather this weekend prompting a heat watch. >> there is opening of the newest arts and entertainmentñaj
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>> an investigation into mortgage fraud is under a new indictment tonight. accused of masterminding a fraud victimizing a thousand homeowners out of $3.1 mill yichbl authorities rested anymore his home. michael finney first reported he promise distressed homeowners he can refinance their mortgages and he's accused of taking money then collecting monthly payments and closing costs. >> the governor sign aid bill on openly carrying guns, banning the carrying of unloaded handguns in public. today's vote expand that's ban. >> and castle wood country
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club ended a lockout against union employees. a judge ruled it was illegal and they're still calling for a boy scott since there has been no deal on a new agreement. >> a radio legend is hanging up his microphone after half a century on air waives. you may have heard him giving a traffic report this morning he's been a family voice 51 years and there is like i'm heading on to vacation. mob monday, when the alarm does not go go off. >> three decades of being on
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the air by 5:00 in the morning. he will be inducted into the radio hall of fame october 6th. >> and there is sandhya patel here. >> i can tell you just don't believe it. right? >> this is so foggy. how is goiting to get hot? tomorrow warmer and then, cranking up heat and there is a view of the fog from our emeryville camera. this plays out with the forecast. we'll be looking at some of the hottest weather so far since june 16th coming this sunday and there is live doppler 7 hd. it's solid at the coastline, you can see there are fingers of fog around the bay.
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there is winter we'll be tracking rain. temperatures mid-50s on the coast. these are what highs look like. cooler inland areas into 70s and into mid-80s into warmest locations. foggy tonight. misty in spots. there is covering all inland valleys and there is temperatures from 90 to 100 degree as way from the coast. there is warming possible monday and this is when you get this weather just a reminder, check on the elderly. and be careful out there. don't forget pets and kids in hot cars. we have strong rip currents possible around beach was
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large shore breaks between saturday, 5:00 a.m. and monday, 5:00 a.m. so this is cooking inland you might be tempted to head to the coast and there is a word of caution there. coast and bay into 50s so this could thick and misty at times. and you'll need a sweater or jacket. there is 84 in santa clara. peninsula, nice day. 82 degrees redwood city. there is 64 on the coast. lingering fog near the coast by a late patch or two. 70 in downtown and south san francisco, into north bay low 60s coast side and and 77 in oakland. up towards fremont and castro
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valley. into inland valleys warm 90 degree day in concord. monterey bay, 64 degrees in carmel accu-weather forecast there is fog burning off we're talking about hee. upper 90s to low 100s inland. going to be warm. and cooler tuesday but much cooler weather. >> and fire danger going up. heat coming up. only thing we don't have is no wind, no strong wind. >> we're waiting for critical mass. >> there is mark matthews at justin herman plaza. >> crowd is bigger and clouder at the moment. there is yes. people apparently love critical mass, 20 years. this will be the same as the
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halloween ride, end of october. biggest ride every year. over the years we've seen crowds this big i think before but it's smaller. >> how do you know when to go? who is lead something. >> no one leads this ride. this is no one in charge. everybody just takes responsibility for them selfs and does what they need to do. we know when to meet. last friday of the month. and they're taking off looks like they're going down for market. and. >> mark, thank you very much. and coming up next demise of the great white shark. >> now under consideration as a
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responding to wildlife groups federal regulators might consider listing great white sharks as endangered species.
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this will take about a year for a decision to be made. and very little is known about great white sharks especially breeding habits. >> there is a state of the art facility in the fight against hiv-aids opened today. the mayor joined officials in the ribbon cut being ceremony and this is completed with a grant from national institutes of health officials say it's the only facility housed in a u.s. public health department. >> state funds may have been waning and we stood up and said we're continuing this fight. at the highest level to make sure we fund everything we can to end this aids epidemic. >> the mayor take a look at the renovation there is a lot more space for trials and research and there is a brand new laboratory. >> caltrans reminding drivers
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the bridge will be closed two weekends next month. and on friday, october 19th and friday 26th it will shut down from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. and crews will replace 60 feed of roadway skpin stall a new seismic joint. it's working with sports teams to remind fans going to games it will be closed two weekends. >> and traffic and roads. coming up we're going to continue to follow the progress of the bicycle ride underway in san francisco shortly. thousands of bike riders ready to hit the streets. where will they go? >> nobel prize winner brought a message to peaceful resistance to the bay area this weekend. stay with us.
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we want to update you again taking a look at live pictures of the 20th anniversary of the critical mass bike ride. >> there is mark manl yus ready to ride.
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>> this reminds me of a big mirathon. everyone stands around and waits for a turn to run. this started about 10 minutes ago, riders still waiting to get on bikes and there is from stewart to market. kathy can you pan over to show the crowd off to our left? there are a lot of people here. boy guess... well, half an hour ago, i guessed several how. i could would say several thousand more have been added. and there is one rider said work to the front and see if anyone follows you. there is a rye form ride. >> there is a lot of rider autos and there is keira
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clapper coming to us live using cell phone technology. so there is a delay here. >> once getting rolling you can right along with them to broadcast live. >> that is the plan, dan and carolyn there is ready for a is plenty of cyclists waiting as well there is show going on right now. i spoke with muni, they're multiple cars stopped here. and there is one driver tells me this happens every month. this is unlike any crowds she's seen. i said what do you do?
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and she said there is nothing you can do. you just have to sit and wait. and there is when we'll let you know traffic conditions around downtown san francisco. >> and there is abc 7 news traffic reporter. >> there is and and abc 7 waze app we're following her, when she starts moving we'll be able to see what traffic implications are thoichblt you can see this is the embarcadero clear there is riders this is mark matthews muni buses are stopped right there.
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and this is f line has been switching southbound back to northbound at the ferry building due to this critical mass. they're rerouting this is when you're stuck you can get around it. >> and thank you. >> the burmese opposition leader that spent 15 years under house arrest made a visit to the bay area today. and more about the visit. >> this is a first visit to the united states z almost 40 years this is the last leg of the 18 day trip. and she spoke like an experienced leader joking about things such as house
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arrest which she said was not bad. she had a radio, piano and many books and said what more could i ask for? and it was clear she came to the bay area to gather support support from her country. >> there is she herself allowed to leave her home only two years ago. and so this is now up to us to make sure the transition comes as peacefully as desirable. >> during her visit to the bay area, she met with political leaders at entrepreneurs who have expressed their willingness to help support her country. and she calls true caution. >> it's not enough to help a country which is merging from
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dictatorship into democracy. it has to be helped in such a way he foundations of the society will be strengthened. >> and during her confinement, the world continued to acknowledge her efforts to bring democracy to did you remembera. -- burma. she was awarded nobel peace prize and res recently presented the gregs kregsal gold medal. and under the leadership the country is seeing political and social reform. >> he was looking at what other parts of southeast asia were doing and how they're progressing and the economic development and this is something not sustain yoobl
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please help us in the right way, help us but... with proper sequencing as well as the right speed. >> and when asked what she suspects she said technology will have to play a major role in the process in burma. now, tomorrow she will receive an honorary doctorate from the university of san francisco and meet with members of the burmese community of the bay area. >> and there is christopher stevens will be honored before cal's football game. there is a degree in history stevens killed this month in that attack on the u.s. consulate in libya.
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this is now established it was, in fact a terrorist assault. >> we're going to show you scenes from a silent
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this weekend a chance to watch history, maybe go back in time. >> this is pretty cool,
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actually. wayne freedman learned it's a part of marin county history. >> if you visit a public library never assume the places are only about book autos they are not. they're about information they're about history. they're about life. >> and silent movies. the marin county free library they can search and pull hundreds of files and photos and talk about a silent movie. >> this is a respected film journal of the day said solemn jane, a masterpiece. >> chances are you never heard of it or the california motion picture corporation. nor have most residents around center and k streets in san rafael but old maps and historians tell a story how in 1914 had there was a state of the art operation here. >> there is a stage in the
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background there. >> and there is one print remains. it will be showing it on sunday sunday night. >> it's a different viewing experience. >> it is typical of the time. a girl her father traveling to california for a gold rush with classic western ingredients good, guys, bad guys, star-crossed lovers and chases showing a pristine lake. >> that is the beauty. it's marin county in 1914. >> before cars traffic and modern life there is a an interesting scene on the movie. this is a lot of people liked it for the sport. behind horses, on dirt. >> there is a real stage coach driver. >> old joe downey knew what he was doing and drove fast.
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>> and it never broke even. and by 1916 it's studio began falling into neglect. this is not a hollywood ending for a company that gave audiences happy ones. >> is the tree still there? >> you would know that won't you? >> i would. i would. and this is where we looked. >> why does it seem better in front of the camera? >> yeah. what an image. >> they have not left justin herman plaza. >> a lack prof gres report on the toth anniversarña
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live back now to justin herman plaza. critical mass ride getting underway. >> thousands of people
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descending on two whales and there is mark matthews with them, live. >> there is about the end of the crowd. looks like they're going through stewart street and looks like they're turning left going out to the embarcadero. there is traffic coming to the assault. so i'm guessing it appears to be headed down stewart then left and then out towards at and t park. that is from our vantage point. >> okay, mark, thank you very much. there is another point now. >> yes. take a look. this is a shot of market street. >> think we can switch to that? >> there is riders streaming
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along here. there is thousands of riders and no real organized plan, no leader of the ride. this is just developing organicly. and we'll have to see where they head in the city. we'll follow it every step of the way. >> there is the head of apple apologizing for glitches saying the company fell short of expectations. users have been flocking to complain and make fun of the map app including misplaced landmarks and incorrect results. in a letter saying we're sorry and doing everything we can to make maps better this may be a
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good opportunity to realize there are great mapping apps out there than google and apple. >> cook says apple maps will get better as more people use the app and provide feed back. >> moving on there is a spectacular new concert hall opening tomorrow night in the heart of sonoma wine country. there is a model after one at tanglewood back east. there is a tour with the family. there is and he his wife donated to make it a reality. >> there is where we care about the university. >> this gem is on the campus of sonoma state university. there is the opening night
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performer playing a role if getting the building finished he asked to be in this to assess acoustics. >> people were waiting for him. and this is about 2:00 in the morning and calling me up, telling me he loved it. we decided to make a gift. >> it's a center piece of the green center that began 15 years ago. 5,000 people can sit outside and listen. there is now you can add culture. this is a personal place. university choir will perform.
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>> and and they hope to create summer camps for at risk kids. he believes success is about giving. >> this is the company to do things to make your community and our society a better place i'm pressive. >> there is an update on critical mass. >> there is riders in front of you. where are you now? >> there is i was at pier and market took about 15 minutes to get just five blocks away. now we're waiting for lines to pass through so we can hop behind them and monitor how slow or fast it's going.
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and it's not going fast at all and there is is a stand city. we'll have latest updates tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. for now, we're live with critical mass. abc 7 news. >> and there is also a snippet of traffic being impactedded so there are biker goesing down market street. >> there is a lot of fog. >> there is a cool night there is a sweeps stakes we're running and all of you are eligible to enter to win $49,000. and just go to and click the win $49,000 button that will take you to the page you can fill out the
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form to announce the winner october 18th after the game right here on abc 7 news and there is
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history made in major league baseball today. >> yes. larry beil is here. >> a's get ready for a set with the mariners reds got a no hitter tonight from homer bailey. reds playing pirates in pittsburgh. bailey came into the game with a 12-0 record and here comes final out. alex presley popping up 1-0 with the final. homer bailey the first reds pitcher to throw a no no since 1988. there is a gentleman's sport. and it's not polite to make too much noise. and there is rider cup, golf with a football mentality. there is loud and proud it's support of team usaz there is the partner nicholson with a tee shot on 17, fix within two feet of the pen there is tiger
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trying to cles the gap... and there is a clutch birdie. and nicholas with this birdie to keep the lead playing out of his mind today, drains it. then, on 18 tiger woods leaving this match. and then, limps out. tiger can't believe it. but there is a good day for team usa holding a lead over europe. first team to get 14 and a half points wins the rider cup. best quarterback in college does not play for cal. he plays for san jose state. and there is mike shumann with more. >> he transfered to monterey peninsula college, threw over
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4600 yards in two years. this is an easy choice for a next step. >> seemed like a good opportunity. >> the 220 pounder completed 71% of the passes over 1100 yards in nine tds against only two picks. there is a good game plan. and this is just doing a great job. >> and he played well. you know? we thought he's going to be good and then, he got hit a couple times and started completing passes and i just kept saying think it's going to be good. >> there is noel griggs by loving his new quarterback. >> i call him the candidate. he's been playing great so far. and there is hopefully seemed
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to have a good season. >> there is in san jose, abc 7 sports. >> and mike mccarthy has done a great job with that program. >> yes. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> we want to take you back now live outside to market street. police are here following critical mass riders here. >> this is cell 7 technology and you look live now as these riders head down market street. thousands of them have turned out tonight on this 20th anniversary of the ride. >> stay with us. abc 7 news will have more on -- capt
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